Our E-Bike conversion kits have everything you need to convert your conventional Bicycle into a High-Quality E-Bike. We offer a wide range of wheel sizes to convert various styles of bicycle. A typical E-Bike Conversion kit includes: Motorised Wheel, Controller, Throttle, 1 or 2 * E-Brake Levers/Sensors with Electric Cut-Off Switches, Various Accessories and a Battery Pack.
We have extensive expertise and experience in: motor design, manufacture; Battery Pack design, manufacture and also offer a range of suitable matched controllers, along with various ebike accessories. We stock a wide range of high-quality Rims from Alex Rims (Taiwan), and custom length spokes from Sapim (Belgium). We offer a complete E-Bike Kit solution, for the discerning customer that puts quality, performance and reliability first.


A combination of parts can be combined to meet the specified requirements of max speed, range (when combined with our battery) and/or hill climbing ability. Our kit will be plug and play and uses interchangeable parts so you could substitute other parts, upgrade or make simple repairs in the future. There is no proprietary data communication or built in controllers that will render the kit inoperable if any 1 part of the system fails, like so many “Smart” systems. There is no pretty display that serves very little useful function, but our controllers are plug and play compatible with the excellent Cycle Analyst Ebike Computer (from Grin Tech in Canada).


• 24V-48V, higher voltage available.
• 20” to 700C motorised wheel.
• Hand built wheel with quality double wall alloy Alex rim and Stainless Steel Spokes.
• High Power/Torque kit for hill climbing and high speed.
• Disk and rim brake compatible.
• Various hard case batteries and soft baggage available for battery and controller mounting.
• Pedal Assist and throttle control.
• Fully programmable controller, adjusted to customer required limits and functions.
• High power kits available (500-1000W plus)

Optional Features
• Sensorless
• Regenerative Braking
• Reverse for Tricycle.
• Cycle Analyst Connector
• Programmable Speed and Current Limit
• Switch Selectable Speed Limits
• Digital Speed Output Signal

Mac High Power and Torque, Geared Hub Motor Data

Front (M12180D0) / Rear (M12060D7)
Rated Volts 24V/36V 48V
Rated Cont. Power Output 250/350/500W 500/800/1000W
Loaded Rpm 200 – 320rpm 250 – 520rpm
Noise <65dB
Weight 3.9-4.4kg
Dropout size 100mm(Front)/135mm(Rear)

Programmable High Power BLDC Controller
• High Spec. Imported Mosfets allow Controller Size to be Minimised and Power to be maximized.
• Fully programmable.
• Customisable to your requirements.
• Various connector options available.
• Cycle Analyst Compatible (optional).

E-bike Battery Pack
• In-House Cell Testing and Battery Pack Assembly.
• Li-Ion Cells from World Leading Manufacturers.
• Various Standard Battery Enclosures available and Custom Layouts. Frame Mounted Battery Packs are our speciality.
• High power Cells and BMS available.

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