The X-MAC is equipped with a long proven drive system of more than 17 years in the making, the performance of which is superior in torque, smoothness and efficiency and un-matched robustness and reliability.  This is a combination of a 500 watts high performance brushless DC motor with planetary reduction gears built with optimum power / weight and volume ratio, controller with trapezoidal PWM with IR 4110 high performance Mosfet to 25 amps max. continuous rating.

The ride is smooth, powerful and fast.  With throttle the bike accelerates quickly and at top speed you pedal with an easy cadence because of the excellent gearing ratio with 48T front chainwheel and 7 speeds rear spocket of 13 to 32 T. That’s great for anyone who wants to ride a bike without getting hot under the collar and talking sections of road with a high grade.   The powerful high torque on this rear hub could take you up 20 % grade with ease.  Needless to say the high efficiency plateau with torque and speed will gain many more miles on the battery under normal and extreme conditions.

These days with everyone having a smart phone with all manners of apps., we don’t think there is a need for fancy and gimmicky features on the display console. We have a basic display console with LED hat display the battery capacity and interface to power the bike on power assist ( PAS) , throttle and brake with signal power cut off when braking.  This console is set on dual mode for throttle and PAS at 6 levels including off selection.

The operation or controls are simple. There is an up-down button selecting 5 levels of PAS by speed and power activated with a cadence sensor. You can use the throttle to start or simple to augment your speed at any time.  There is an important advantage over torque sensor bikes that you need to push harder to get more power,  on this cadence bike you simply control through throttle and assist levels.  The upshot of all of this is an easy ride for everyone, even if you aren’t a fit rider.

Battery packs,  bikes bought 17 years ago could still be fitted with battery packs on production today, and 17 years into the future you would still find the available battery packs.  This is crucial and cannot be said for many brands in the market where one could not find a replacement battery pack anymore.

The robustness and structural integrity and components , there are no fragile bits and everything is low and easy to maintain. While is it not fancy, the will win you over with its great manners and easy going nature.  It’s equipped with powerful disc brakes on both front and rear, that is essential when you are going at 20 mph.

X-MAC CITY EBIKE is fitted with the most dependable tire there is, the Schwalbe Marthon Plus approved an test for ebikes up to 32 Mph, with the highest possible protection against puncture. Robustly built wheels with 36 spokes of 13 g stainless steel. The stand on the bike is sturdy and it is easy to roll the bike on and off the stand that is very well thought out.

CITY EBIKE has an unique frame design where one size fits all.  This accomplished with the desired angle of the seat post and tube where extension in height will make a accommodating change in distance for the arm reaching the handle bar.

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