We are able to offer a range of battery packs to suit customer requirements. Only Imported Cells are used with a choice of cell options to meet the range and power requirements of our customers. As a manufacturer of relatively high powered Ebike Motors/Kits, we have extensive experience in building battery packs to meet these high power requirements.

Look around and you will find that the majority of ebike battery packs are either, nice looking cases with small capacity, which lack the necessary discharge rate for High Power applications, or they are big heavy battery packs which have to be strapped to the rear rack. Motorbikes don’t put the engine out the back over the rear wheel, it’s located in the center where the weight doesn’t adversely affect the handling!

We are able to build high power and high energy density (>180Whrs/kg for the high energy options) battery packs that will fit within the triangle of most bikes, where that weight does not adversely affect the handling. Combined with our custom frame bag, these triangle battery packs offer up to 1250Whrs of capacity (50V and 25Ah). There are also small, lockable and easily removed frame mounted cases with capacity of up to 600Whrs (36V 16.5Ah), as well as other lockable battery case options.

Li-Ion Cells World Leading Manufacturers.
Various Standard Battery Enclosures available and Custom Layouts.
Frame Mounted Battery packs are our specialty.
High Power Cells and BMS available


Battery 36V Samsung Frame Pack(10.25,12.3,14.0&16.5Ah Options)
46.8V Samsung Frame Pack(7.6,8.2,9.8&11.0Ah Options)
50V (5P) Long Case Pack (10.5A-15.8Ah Options )
50V(9p)Triangle Pack &5A charger (17.5,22.1&24.8Ah Options )
50V(6p)Triangle Pack &5A charger (11.4,14.7&16.5Ah Options )
Triangle Battery bag

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