“MAC Motor - High, High, High – in terms of Power, Speed, Torque.

There is no other hub motor in the market which offers striking performance in the same way as MAC Motor does while also being rather small and light.

Further the MAC motor is highly reliable and composed of high quality components inside and outside.  It is always just an amazing experience riding it.”

-Angelika Steinhauser 

“The MAC Motor is a great choice for smooth, quiet, high torque & high power performance.”

--David from EDS


“The Mac motor is renowned for having great power and torque in a relatively small and light hub motor. There is no other hub motor on the market that comes close to the performance whilst still being this compact. It’s also reliable and fairly easy to repair/maintain.”

                                              -- Paul Lynch from EM3EV


“I have had the great pleasure to work with Damon Du, the owner of MAC motors, and have seen the operation in action.  It is clear to me why MAC delivers such a high quality product after touring his operation and seeing the quality of work, the immaculate work environment and quality control steps in place.  Damon has a vision for his motor company and is constantly striving to achieve innovation , unique design, performance and quality.”

                                                 --Ken Fagut

“The MAC motor is the best geared motor on the Market. High quality magnets,

perfect lamination and 32 magnets rotor give all the benefits of geared motor 

with the smoothness and silent like a direct drive motor. If you are focus on High quality and reliability, you need to get MAC motor. Besides these technical

 approach, MACmotors team can be resume in two words : Happiness and High skills."

                                             --Jean Pascal PLUMIER


"The Mac motor transformed what I believed a hub motor was capable of. It packs more power than any comparably sized hub motor or mid-drive, it has an impeccable reliability history, and runs more efficiently than any other motor on the market. Unlike a mid-drive, the Mac doesn't run its power through the bicycle's drivetrain, making it virtually service-free. Additionally, Mac Motor Technology is a great company to work with and can customize the motor to a client's specific needs. For these reasons and more, the Mac is my first choice in high-end e-bike motor technology."

                                                  --Henry Kellogg


"The MAC motor is just fantastic!

It is so much fun to ride. Silent, smooth,  yet powerful and incredibly fast!"


--Jan Freuler (Switzerland Bicycle Rally Champion)

“We’ve been using Mac Motors for years on many different projects because we’ve always found them to be powerful and reliable.  The team at MAC is also very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.  I recommend them if you are looking for hub or shaft motors.”

--Britton Jackson


“love my mac 6t motor. i put 20000km every day.  I ride on 2 us freeways

excellent motor. Several time cars chase me for miles just to find what i am riding”

--Rafe Husain


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